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2018 Human Trafficking Legislation

Human trafficking, especially involving our children, is an absolutely terrible act that cannot be tolerated.

I previously had the privilege of being one of the four Primary Sponsors on legislation introduced in the House that increased the penalties for human trafficking convictions. I was proud to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Partners Against Trafficking Humans in North Carolina for my efforts.

Because of my past involvement in combating human trafficking, I was asked during the 2017 Long Session to be one of the four Primary Sponsors of House Bill 910, which included a request for appropriate funding to provide shelter beds and mental health services to victims of human trafficking.

Pursuant to that Bill, the 2018 Short Session Budget included an appropriation of $1,500,000 to the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission for victim services. I am so thankful for this funding being appropriated to help to address this serious problem and to bring vital help to those who are victims of sex trafficking.

My wife and I raised a wonderful daughter, who is now married and the mother of my precious granddaughter. I can’t bear to think of something this horrible happening to either of them. Because of that inspiration, I will continue to fight against this despicable act and support bringing those who engage in this unacceptable activity to a harsh punishment.

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