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Student Athlete Agents Act

On behalf of the General Statutes Commission, of which I am a member, I have filed House Bill 125, Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act.

The Act is designed to protect student athletes from some athlete agents who engage in the practice of giving large financial gifts to student athletes or their friends or their relatives to induce the student athletes to enter into agency contracts. Also, some athlete agents deceive student athletes into entering into agency contracts with very unfavorable terms.

In addition, the Act is designed to prevent educational institutions and the student athlete's teammates from being harmed. If an educational institution even unwittingly allows a student athlete to continue to play after he or she has entered into an agency contract, the educational institution may be subject to fines and sanctions such as being banned from bowl games and forfeiting victories.
I look forward to presenting this legislation to both the House and the Senate for the protection of both our student athletes and the schools that they play for.

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